Heavensown Blue Angel "AYLA"

Easter morning WE HAD a very special litter from my girl Ayla.
The puppies are blue merle, black tri, and red merle.

I knew Ayla was special the day I brought her home.  She sat in the kitchen and just watched me walk around the kitchen getting supper ready.  I was amazed at her focus and intensity.  From that moment on she knew and I knew that we had a very special bond.  I have been told that once in your life you will have a “heart dog” one that means more than any other.  I think Ayla is that to me.  She can read my body language and seems to understand every word I say.  I wrote down at one time all the commands and words that she knew and would respond to; it was several pages.  Since then, Ayla has continued to learn and work very closely at my side. 

Ayla works and lives on our farm in Western North Carolina.  She loves to go on hikes, play ball, and “get the boogers” more than anything.  She is great with children and enjoys playing Frisbee with them.  Sometimes we will take her to softball games and let her and all the children entertain each other playing ball or Frisbee.  She competes in AKC and USDAA agility trials, and has several titles.  She placed first in National Australian Shepherd Club of America’s 2005 pre-nationals beginning jumpers’ trial in 2005!  But most importantly she has the personality of an angel, where she shows compassion, love, loyalty, and all the intensity of a brilliant mind.  When you look at her you can tell her brain is going 100 miles an hour all the time.

Isn’t it amazing how a human and a dog can bond so deeply?  What I have with Ayla is so special, and I want to breed her to share her special genes and color with others.  This spring we are planning a very special litter from my girl Ayla.  The puppies should be blue merle, black tri, and possibly red merle or red tri.  We are waiting to see!!


Her breeding date was Feb 15/16 her eyes were checked Feb 19th!  Her hips were rated GOOD.

Here at Heavensown we are THRILLED to announce a couple of upcoming Spring 2006 litters.
The first is co-breed with Susan and John Roberts of Rushfork Aussies in the beautiful NC Mountains.
Susan and John have 2 of our Heavensown Aussies and have breed Ayla to our boy Razz for a mid April litter. See below for more information on the parents of this litter below.

The second litter is a repeat for us with our girl Keepa and our boy Flame here at Heavensown. The details of that litter are below the Ayla litter. Keepa is due to have her pups the first week of May!
About mom!
CH. Moorea's Midnight Masquarde, HT,CGC    "Razz"

Born 10-10-98 * OFA Excellent * Eyes Clear * AKC DNA #V227447
"Razz" is a beautiful black tri dog who shares our lives and our home here at Heavensown. He is an AKC Champion, and major pointed in ASCA. He completed his AKC HT title in November 2002 after only 3 days training on sheep while living at Manacoo Aussies with Pam and Cary Manaton

He will be shown in ASCA conformation in May and we hope to pick up more points toward finishing his ASCA title. With a special thank you to Pam who will be showing Razz for us!
Razz has started real cattle herding work here on Fowler Farm. He already has his HT title so this will be an extension on that!

Razz is a LOVE to live with and he is by far one of he sweetest boys I have ever had the pleasure to own.
I always tell everyone that Razz is such a KIND boy and he passes that temperment on to his puppies!  Razz was wonderful with his pups from his litter last year. He is the BEST daddy! He jumps and gives me kisses without knocking me down, he is so gentle. Can you tell I LOVE THIS BOY!
I adore his son Heavensown Who's Ya Daddy also called Jazz who is out of his litter with Keepa last year. Jazz got the same loving sweet temperment as did the rest of that litter. So Susan and I could not be more happy that he has been breed to our foundation girl's daugter Ayla! This should bring many more wonderful traits to our already great lines here at Heavensown and at Rushfork Aussies!

WOW Razz is a busy boy and we are having a blast playing frisbee with him too! He will jump higher than we actually want him to jump and he is relentless at getting the frisbee. Ayla loves frisbee too and she is so very fast!
About dad!
Ayla & Razz became proud parents Easter Morning to 6 beautiful little aussie pups!
Litter two is due the first week of May for Keepa & Flame!
The wonderful above photo was done by C&C photography. Check out Cary's site he does excellent work! Just click on the picture of Razz and Pam Manaton.
This page was last updated: April 22, 2006

2 day old Ayla X  Razz Puppies!
More information about the Keepa and Flame litter coming soon. If your looking for a new companion to add to your family feel free to check out the litter listed above at Rushfork Aussies! Ayla has beautiful pups and 3 are available!