First puppy born and the natural bob tail
second blue boy born

Only black tri boy day 2
Eat, Sleep and have your mommy give you a bath all day and night long. Not a bad life I would think~!~
Each puppy is growing almost before my eyes and today I was able to hold each one for a short time. Keepa is taking VERY good care of them and I am so proud of her.
Their dad Flame got to see them for the first time yesterday. He walked in and smelled of each one and then walked out. I guess he is content to leave all the hard work to mommy no doubt!
Let's start with the adorable little boys pictures today
Now for our little Angels the Girls
Red tri girl sleeping and then eating of course.
I have noticed since we have had the 2 other litters over the years that the puppies tend to snuggle up and sleep with the same puppies from bith on. Then as they grow older these same litter mates seem to be their closest playmates. Litte Miss Red here loves to snuggle with the black girl with the small amount of white on her face. The blue boys always seem to be togther and then the 3 other black puppies. It will be neat to see if they continue this bond.
Sweet little last puppy born
She is a wiggle worm and seems to always be up close to her moms face when ever I look at the puppies. I think Keepa is having to keep an extra eye on her to be sure she is letting the other puppies eat!
I could kiss a blister on this little girls
tiny white spot beside her nose.
Go check our girls page and see Precious this one is soooo much like her already.
Precious is our foundation and the smartest dog I have ever known. She is also the grandma to these wonderful puppies.Without her none of this would have ever been possible.
This little princess seems really sweet and calm so far.
This little sweetheart has snuggled up in my hand each time I have held her so far. She goes right to sleep whenever I pick her up. She reminds me a great deal of her daddy and pulls at my heart when I look at her. She brings back some very fond memories of our first litter when her dad Flame was born.
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