nap time once again guys
the other side of mr sweet dreams
mr.sweet dreams
so soft and I am getting so fluffy
snuggle with mom
sleep sweet baby
move over
now everyone be still
they even eat while she tried to sleep
hey where is the milk?
This page was last updated on: February 8, 2004
This page will be just a
hodge-podge of pictures taken
from day 4-6 of the puppies.
No special order or anything
just some cute pictures
of the puppies doing what tiny puppies do best at this age...sleep
and eat!
There are links at the bottom to go to our other pages and back to our home page.
Thanks for taking a look at us and come back to watch us grow~!~

This boy and girl appear to be having sweet dreams!
They really look as if they are smiling to me! And no they do not really have any teeth at this age those are just gums or mommy would be having a hard time feeding these two!
They could inherit their dads smile, no kidding he really smiles the cutest smile! Which you can see above~!~

Angie and pups relax
good night
girls and boys
oh moms bed feels so good
They are really starting to kind of look tubby!
Keepa is feeding them well. Today was their first nail trimming which they did not seem to love. I bet Keepa was really happy that she does not have to deal with those tiny razor sharp hooks now! OUCH!!!!
I change their sheets and blanets at least once a day. Angie took advantage of this time to do a little snuggle on my bed with the puppies in several of these pictures. Every day she tells me she "oh mom I really like this one", the problem is each day it is a different one! Angie will turn 15 in June and she is such a wonderful Christian child. She is always ready to help me with the dogs or whatever I may need her to do.
If it were not for her picking Flame out of our first litter then these puppies would not be here today. Flame was always her favorite. I am in the process of putting up some additional "grand-dogs" pages so you can see pictures of that first litter (the one Flame was in) and then our other litter which was our Precious/Skye puppies. Precious is the grandma to these puppies and our foundation dam. So keep checking back to see all our other puppy pictures from our very beginning litter.