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Keepa X Flame puppies born May 16,2003
God richly blessed up with healthy puppies! We are so thankful and very thankful for the wonderful people who have taken such a great interest in having one of these puppies. The puppies are listed below in the order the were born.
More pictures will be coming soon as they grow! We are so happy and excited with each of these puppies~!!~
Stay tuned for future updates!
Blue Merle boy #1 arrived at about 9:30 am. He has 4 white feet, white chest and a natural bob tail. Cute as can be and looks a lot like his mommy. He has the most dark large patches of the two boys and more copper on his face. If you look at the picture above of his mommy, his left side is marked almost just the same.
The second puppy was born about 30 minutes later and she looks almost just like her daddy Flame.
A beautiful little black tri girl with white socks and collar that has some black in it on the right side. She has an adorable face and was born with a solid black nose.
The surprise 3rd puppy was a red tri girl. Well she was not exactly a surprise but Keepa was not red factored that we knew of and Flame's mother is so we knew there was at least a chance of possibly one red. This cute girl was born with white on the back of her neck and 4 white feet. She really stands out because she is the only red one in the litter.
This 4th puppy was another Blue Merle male with the cutest little black freckle under his left eye.
He has 4 white
feet, chest and light copper trim. He is going
to be really handsome! He has smaller black spots than his older brother.
The 5th puppy was the only black tri boy of the litter. He has a lot of white on his face, full wide white collar, 4 white feet and is cute as can be. He is a loud one too~!~
When the 6th puppy was born it was like seeing Precious all over again. (Flame's mommy)
This little girl has minimal white on her face and neck, 4 cute white feet, and white on the front of her neck and chest. She has some copper but it is too early to tell how much.
She already loves to cuddle. I love her tiny little pink toes and white feet! My husband has been calling her woof woof.
The last puppy may be what I was looking for when I did this cross. I was hoping for a black tri female to add to our lines that had the look of Keepa's father Manly. This little angel sure does resemble her grandpa already. Time will tell what her personality will be like and what the future holds for her and each of these special babies. I am already in love with each puppy and know it will be hard when the day comes in a few months to let them go to their new homes. Knowing that each puppy has a wonderful new family already waiting who can hardly wait to have them should make it a litte easier for me. Each puppy will be professionally evaluated at 5 weeks and at that time we will decide which black girl will be staying on with us at the farm and starting her new life in her mommys footsteps.
Blue Boys together
Red Tri girl tries to sneak away while mom is not looking!
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Litters and Available
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