Keepa X Flame Puppies from
May 2003
Meet our new extended family
"For the Love of the Aussie"
A very special THANK YOU to Katie and Andrew
of Myrtle Beach, SC for giving Dixie (aka Minnie)
such a wonderful loving home.
We miss "Minnie" so much but hope to come visit her soon! It seems Dixie enjoys living at the beach. I know I sure would!!!!!!!!

UPDATE  1-2004- Katie and Andrew have moved back to Florida where Katie is going back to school to become a VET!
We are so thrilled for you Katie and look forward to new updated pictures soon!
From the sound of the email notes I am getting from David and Deanna in SC, Gizmo is growing like a HORSE! Last time I heard this big boy was at 33 pounds! I am very greatful that David and Deanna have provided a loving home for Gizmo and hope to have a updated picture to add here soon! Hint...hint.... :)
Have you ever wondered what having a new
Aussie puppy and a spoiled Sheltie would
be like? Just ask Anna and Griffin North in Concord NC!
This special couple are keeping really busy with the ever farm famous "Lil Boo"  who now is now named
Heavenson Playing Peeka Boo and their poor boy Winston (who did not ask for a baby sister by the )
They are all doing well and having a large time!!!!
We are thrilled to have Peeka in such a caring, loving home and are proud to have Anna and Griffin raising our grand-dog-daughter!
Say that 3 times really fast!!!!
Keith Pritchard and his family now share the house with Spek. (Heavensown Keepa's Bluelight Special)
When Spek is not busy being spoiled rotten by his new family his favorite past time is laying on or near the air condition vent. I am so greatful for the love and devotion that this wonderful family have given to this handsome puppy and we look forward to updated pictures and visits from Spek and his family who are located in Florence SC. Keith has big plans for this boy and I can hardly wait to see them both excel in all that they set out to accomplish!
The Tanner family now has a new addition to their family farm. Thunder has already been to visit the stock arena and I bet he is already dreaming of herding the cows into the gates! When Thunder is not busy falling into the gold fish pond in the Tanner yard he is going to puppy obedience classes with his family! Thunder and the Tanner family were able to attend our CASC show in Charlotte during October 2003. Thunder did a good job in the show ring and took home a ribbon but I think he had the most fun dressing up as a little devil! See pictures......
A very special THANK YOU to the Tanners for loving this beautiful puppy so very much.
Boots was the puppy that we
kept here on the farm.
She is FULL of fun and silly
antics! She is sooooooooo
very, very smart and at 10 weeks
was started to carry her own leash and is now pulling all the other dogs around by their leash.
She is active, beautiful and has a
The only thing I have found that she really dislikes is having her toenails trimmed.
Each time this seems to cause a major battle!
Watch our girls page in the future for more on this great puppy. She was in her first dog show in Charlotte NC in October 2003. Boots had the chance to go to her second show recently in Charleston SC but was only able to attend one day due to snow and Ice storms.
We have big plans for this girl so watch for her at a dog show near you. We plan to have her entered in any shows within driving distance this spring.
Boots and Grandma Precious snuggle
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This page was last updated: March 18, 2005
Thanks Keith for sending this new picture of Spek to me. He is growing so fast and getting so much HAIR! He has his Moms great coat.
This is Spek at 8 months old!
Thunder Bobbing for Bones
Thunder Devil
Thunder Devil
Thunder Bobbing for Bones
Boots at 8 months old
Boots at 8 months old
Anna thanks so VERY much for these recent pictures of Peeka. She and Winston had a wonderful Christmas and Peeka is growing into a beautiful young lady! I love all that wonderful copper trim. Despite a little jealous bidding for moms attention all is well. Winston and Peeka play well together and are having a great time keeping Anna and Griffin busy!
Dec 2004 Winston and Peeka
Peeka 7 months old