hair: dirty blonde
eyes: bluish-green (mostly blue)
fav type of music: pop, country, rap (a little)
fav singer: mariah carey, martina mcbride, ashanti, tim mcgraw
fav food: chicken, tacos, fruit, chocolate
fav ice cream: vanilla
fav sport: football
fav color: pink, blue, yellow
fav movie: sweet home alabama
fav subject in school: english
fav season: fall
fav day of the week: friday
fav sayings: music is the chocolate of the soul; don't follow in my footsteps, i walk into walls
hobbies: shopping, colorguard, writing, listening to music, doing stuff with friends
piercing's: one in each ear, belly button
boyfriend: no, currently single
This is my best friend Alyse. She's on colorguard too, and is a junior. Like me, she's crazy, and even though her hair color is red she is also very blonde!