Each of these pictures were taken here at Heavensown while the Aussies were moving stock. We live on a large family farm in North Carolina and our dogs actually work stock! They also come in every night and are very calm inside our home. If you are interested in herding and live close send me a email message. Maybe we can get together!
Pictured on this page are recent pictures of Precious and her son Flame moving 75 head of cattle over 3 pastures to a new field. Toward the bottom of this page are pictures of Kirby (aka Toby) , Keepa, Lacy and Ayla (who belongs to Susan and John) Alya is the siter to Kirby or TOBY and Lacy.
Flame is not taking no for an answer!
Precious springs into action as a calf decides to break away from the rest of the stock.
Precious came back and got every stray who decided not to go around the barn to next pasture. She did not stop until they were all moved!
A hot and tierd Flame goes in persuit of the cows drinking hole to cool off from his hard days work.
flame leaps into action
ayla working
keepa working hard
kirby working
Very hot work!
This page was last updated: November 9, 2004